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Everything you need to know about a trip from Nigeria to Ghana

Despite frequent Jollof wars between Ghanaians and Nigerians, the two countries maintain a steady intercountry network.

The following is all you need to know if you think of taking a trip to Ghana.

Documents required

  • An international passport or an ECOWAS passport
  • A yellow card

This applies to any means of transport.

NOTE: ALWAYS get your yellow card one month prior to the traveling date as some official may use this as a means to exhort you money.

  • To avoid any inconveniences, carry your driver's license/national ID/ student ID/ work ID as your contingency identification method.

Crossing Borders

  • For road users, you'll cross three borders
  1. Lagos - Cotonou Border
  2. Cotonou- Togo Border
  3. Togo - Ghana Border
  • For first-timers or travelers with a "virgin" passport, crossing these borders can be stressful and hectic.
  • You'll need to negotiate with the border officials until you reach an agreement.
  • I'd advice using traveling companies. They do all the " negotiations and settlements" for you.

Money moves

  • I'd advise you to travel with US dollars as it is widely accepted.
  • You can find any Bureau de Change and convert your cash into Ghanaian cedis.
  • Never depend on Naira cards when thinking of traveling to Ghana. I'll advise you to have a dollar MasterCard instead.