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Submitted on Feb 16, 2020 Useful Info

Useful safety tips for travelling to Algeria in 2020

Top safety tips in Algeria:

Avoid border areas

  • Algeria borders Mali, Libya, Niger, Tunisia, and Mauritania. These areas are a no travel zone.
  • Algeria- Morocco border is closed. Don't try to cross over to Morocco by land, you'll be arrested once you're in Morocco.
  • The only open border you can cross by land from Algeria is the Tunisia-Algeria border.

Visit During the summer

  • Though there hasn't been any civil unrest for more than 10 years now in Algeria, peaceful demonstrations that can turn chaotic are not exactly rare in Algeria. In summer, however, most people are on summer break and Ramadhan is around this period. Demonstrations are rare during this period.
  • Top disadvantage: visiting during summer will prevent you from visiting southern Algeria (Taghit region) which can get very hot in the summer. Most hotels and attractions in southern Algeria are closed in summer.
  • The temperature in the south can be as high as 50°C/ 120°F in summer.

Stick to cities.

  • Avoid the rural areas, cities and tourist areas such as Algiers, Constantine and Oran are safest.
  • It's totally safe to visit major attractions, these areas are heavily guarded by the police and army
  • Use Shared Taxis Instead of Buses For Road Travel.
  • There are shared connecting all major towns in Algeria
  • Where to find shared taxis? At bus stations, there is a separate area for taxis within the bus stations in every town.

Safety tips for female travelers

  • Catcalling is a major nuisance to most female travelers in Algeria especially if you are walking alone. To avoid this:
  • Dress conservatively.
  • Consider staying in Oran. Oran is the most liberal city in Algeria, popularly known as the Paris of Algeria, you can dress more freely here.
  • Walk in the company of a male colleague.