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How to access Amsterdam airport Schiphol

I always wondered how i would get to Schiphol from rotterdam or Amsterdam

Well whenever you are in these major cities, you can find your way to the airport in 3 major ways:

  • Via train - there are trains from all major cities in the Netherlands that operate and take you to the airport and serve to ensure you access any terminal that you would like. The train is operated by the national Dutch train operator. This is the cheapest way to access the airport and it operates 24 hours each day.
  • You could also opt for the buses that provide pick up and drop you at the entrace of the terminals. KLM has a bus service to that is to be trusted. You can book a ride online and be picked from the bus stop near you and be transported to the airport.
  • Finally, you can use private transport such as a taxi or an Uber to get to the airport. Better yet if you have someone to drive you over, the better.