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Shopping in Schiphol

I forgot to do that last minute shopping before leaving Amsterdam, however, Schiphol airport had my back.

  • Amsterdam airport Schiphol has some of the best ammenities you could ask for. For those seeing their loved ones off, there is a place before the security checks where one can get a snck. This applies to both travellers and non travellers.
  • However if travelling, there are stalls in all terminals where you can get anything, from electronics to food stuffs.
  • All these items here are cheap as they are duty free. You also do not have the burden of having to move with your goods from the city.
  • There is a hotel at the airport that allows accomodation and food services. This is useful especially in those agonizing moments when a flight is delayed or cancelled.

NOTE: Youhave to have your boarding ticket for you to be able to buy in the duty free shops. Do not forget your ticket and passport.