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How to get tourist VAT tax refund in Argentina

  • All foreign tourists can get up to 21% VAT tax refunds on shopping and accommodation in Argentina.

How to get accommodation VAT refunds

  • This is pretty simple, all you have to do is to pay for your accommodation using a foreign credit card or by bank transfer from a foreign bank. The hotel will automatically exempt your accommodation charges from the 21% VAT tax.
  • Some hotels may ask you to send a copy of your passport or ID to prove that your non-Argentine.
  • Note: Accommodation VAT refunds only include charges on hotel stays and breakfast (if it's included in hotel stay charges), other hotel services are billed separately.

How to get VAT refunds on shopping

  • To get VAT refunds on shopping in Argentina you have to shop for goods worth more than AR$70 from retailers that display are members of global blue Argentina.


  1. Shop at retailers who display the tax-free logo. It's usually displayed on windows or at the till.
  2. Ask for the tax refund form after shopping.
  3. During your departure present all your tax refund forms, passport and sales receipt to customs.
  4. You can receive your tax refund in cash or through your bank.