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How to move around in Asuncion by public transport

  • Asuncion is one of the most off the beaten path Latin American cities, unlike other South American capitals. It's still very rich in colonial history, cultural life and is a thriving commercial hub. The city's public transport network is still relatively young and is not yet extensive. Currently, public transport in Asuncion consists of only taxis and buses
  • Asuncion's historical center between street Colón and Antequera is pretty small and most tourists move around this area on foot. You'll have to use public transport to get and move around other parts of the city

Moving around by bus

  • Bus transport in Asunción isn't strictly regulated. There aren't maps or bus schedules. The route number and the destination each bus is headed to is usually indicated on a board at the front window. Honestly, while bus transport is relatively ok, you need to understand and be able to speak some Spanish to easily move around by bus.
  • Since there are no many official bus stops in Asuncion locals tend to flag buses almost everywhere along the streets.
  • The main bus terminal is several kilometers southeast of downtown. This is where long-distance buses depart from. Most city buses depart from the city center along Oliva and Haedo streets.
  • These are some of the most common and most important bus routes to know when in Asunción:

From Oliva:

  • To airport- route 30A.
  • To the bud terminal-8 and 31.
  • To botanical gardens - 1 and 13.
  • To villa morra- 18, 26, and 28.

From Haedo

  • To the bus terminal- route 38.
  • To Mercado 4 -2, 21, 29, 133

Taxis in Asuncion

  • Taxis in Asuncion are metered with taxis operating between the airport and city center charging a flat rate of 120, 000 guaranis as of 2019. Those operating between the bus terminal and city center also charge a flat rate of 50,000 Guaranis. Generally no trip with the city should cost more than 50,000 Guaranis. There's also a 30% legal surcharge that all taxis charge daily from 10 pm to 5 am, on Sundays and public holidays.
  • Taxi-hailing apps available in Asuncion are Uber and Muv.