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Submitted on Oct 21, 2018 Useful Info

Pickpocketing is fairly common on the Athens metro. Be very careful

  • When I visited Athens, I was warned by no fewer than 3 locals to watch my belongings while on the Athens metro
  • A quick Googling online showed me basically the same thing. On Tripadvisor it sounds like people get pickpocketed or notices attempted pickpocketing all the time, sometimes with knives involved. It warranted its own stickied thread
  • The advice I was given was to keep the most valuable stuff on my body while on the metro trains (and not in a bag), and to look around from time to time to make sure no one is trying to steal from me
  • If you want to take public transportation from the airport to the city, a safer (and very convenient) alternative to the metro is the X95 bus that runs from the airport to the Syntagma square. This bus is pretty much only used by tourists, whereas the Blue metro line goes from the airport to the city has lots of stations in between that locals use and the train gets really crowded the closer to the city you get