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Women should not be afraid to travel solo



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7 Reasons Women Should Never be Afraid to Travel Solo This 2020

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Travelling can be quite daunting especially for women. But truth is, there is a safe place for everyone anywhere in the world whatever your gender may be.

The only thing to be reminded of is that women sometimes need to travel differently as they are more exposed to threats, like theft and harassment, that could harm them. But that’s not enough reason not to go.

You and your luggage, no matter what best checked luggage you bring, is safe. You just have to know how to travel solo and deal with certain situations that can guarantee your safety.

So, saddle up and get your adventurous soul ready for one of the best trips of your life! Here are some of the reasons why you should not be afraid to go solo when you travel to Thailand or any other beautiful destination this holiday season.

1. It’s not as dangerous as others say

People are usually skeptical when I say I’d like to travel alone. It’s like I’ve said something crazy and that I am about to make the biggest mistake of my life. The question I often ask myself is whether to listen to them or not.

While I know what my answer would be, their opinions are valid and that there may be a danger waiting for me out there. In fact, a Global Business Travel Association and AIG Travel survey revealed that 83% of women reported having concerns about their safety while on a business trip.

But with the kind of experience I am about to unfold once I step into the unknown, I’m sure that it goes beyond the fears and threats that people have been telling me.

And I was right. It’s not as dangerous as what they say. All you need to do is to research the place and learn about what you should do and what places to avoid.

Sometimes, finding trustworthy sources and advice from friends and family can also keep you safe once you take that trip.

2. You can make friends easily

When we were kids, we’ve been told to not talk to strangers. And I think we’ve kind of carried that belief even up to now.

Traveling alone gives you the opportunity to make new friends, and that means you would have to talk to strangers. It will be a challenging test for your character judgment but you have to know who you can trust.

Since you’re on your own, you might even find your kindred spirits doing the same as you, and you’ll never know, they might be your friends for life.

Speak their local language, even the most basic one, and you will definitely gain a friend in them. It may even be an advantage for you since they can be your personal guide during the entire trip. It’s fun to be toured around by a local who knows the underrated spots in their country.

When you’re with your friends and family, you have lesser chances to have that opportunity.

3. You’ll get to connect with your inner self

Solo traveling is also the perfect time to reconnect with yourself. It’s a form of self-love which, by the way, is often neglected nowadays.

Take this time to really reflect on the decisions that you are making, that could probably affect the course of your life.

Retrospection allows you to hear your thoughts and actually listen to them. We shrug them off oftentimes and that isn’t really healthy. We should be able to connect with our inner self and understand our personality more.

Travelling does that to people. And I highly encourage my lady friends to do the same.

4. You can change plans anytime

Since you don’t have anyone to rely on when it comes to schedules and itineraries, time is on your side when you decide to travel alone.

You can adjust according to whatever floats your boat because there is no other schedule to be affected but yours. It’s a good reason to go especially for the laid back girls who love to just chill during the entire trip.

The other good thing is that, when you change your plans, you might discover new places and new dishes to try.

5. You can be more adventurous

With no one to impress when you go on a trip on your own, you can do whatever you want to do and try adventures that you never thought you could.

That’s the beauty of being responsible for no one else but yourself. You can finally go cliff diving because you are not with your friend who is scared to death if you do it. Or you can also try eating exotic food without anyone to convince you out of it.

It’s your life you are living here and you can say yes to anything that you permit. Just be mindful of the decisions you make while you are on this trip.

6. You can be more aware of your surroundings

Since women often need to travel differently than men, being more aware of your surroundings is an automatic skill that you need to learn.

For sure, you would not want to put yourself in jeopardy so you would fully understand the environment you are currently in by being vigilant. It will give you and your family back home peace of mind.

As a rule of thumb, you should know that doing anything that you wouldn’t do when you are in your hometown can be a bit dangerous.

7. Your confidence will start to soar

Traveling alone is a confidence booster. It’s liberating, something that allows you to be more you than ever before.

When you go alone on a trip without trusting anyone but yourself, you tend to feel more firm with your decision-making skills, like something as simple as what type of transportation to take for the day or what restaurant to try next.

It’s entirely up to you. And when you survive the day without any hitch, it gives that affirmation that you can do anything during the trip.

It’s okay to be scared to try something for the first time, but with all the reasons I’ve listed above, I hope you find it in you to go for it and leap into the beautiful unknown. Besides, it’s the holidays. It’s the perfect time for you to do it.