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Best way to get to Bagan from Yangon

  • It's possible to get from Yangon to Bagan in one of three ways: flight, train, or bus
  • The best way to get to Bagan from Yangon is flight or train, depending on what kind of experience you're looking for
  • Flight:
  • Flight is the fastest and most popular option with foreign visitors, taking just an hour and half direct
  • Also the most expensive option, costing $100USD for one-way, and $180 for return
  • Getting to the Yangon airport costs $8USD by taxi from downtown. There's a bus you can take too for really 33 cents that takes you from the central railway station to the airport in Yangon. In Bagan, the taxi from the airport costs around $5 USD
  • I used Skyscanner to check my flights for Myanmar, it's very good site showing you all the options and prices
  • Train:
  • Train is the cheaper option to get to Bagan from Yangon. One-way trip costs just $25US for the sleeper class, which is a compartment with 4 beds. For non-sleeper/seating class it's only $20. But I highly recommend the sleeper class because it's a long overnight journey
  • Train takes 17.5 hours, departing at 4pm and arriving at 9:30am the next day.
  • This is the only one train available each day
  • The train has no air conditioning, so dress for the temperature (in fact the only trains with air conditioning in Myanmar are those running between Yangon and Mandalay, which is the second biggest city in the country)
  • The train departs from Yangon Central Railway Station in the heart of downtown Yangon, and arrives at Bagan Railway Station in the town of Nyaung-U, immediately south of the Bagan airport. From there it's 7000-8000 kyat ($6.2-$7SGD, $5-$5.25USD) taxi ride to old town of Bagan
  • To be able to book a sleeper ticket, you must book at least 5 days in advance. If you book on the day of your trip you'll likely only be able to get seating tickets
  • You can book in person at the railway station, or alternatively book online at https://myanmartrainticket.com, https://www.easybook.com, or https://12go.asia. There's no official railways booking website as of 2019, so you're going to have to rely on one of these booking agents. All three of these accept major international credit cards for payment including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. I'm not sure about EasyBook and 12Go, but with MyanmarTrainTicket which I used, I had them deliver my ticket to my hotel in Yangon for an additional $8, which was very convenient
  • Bus:
  • I researched this option but didn't end up using it because it seemed like such a pain
  • It's a 9-10 hour journey, with both day-trip options (7:30am->5:30pm or 8am->6pm) and night-trip options (7pm->5am, 7:30pm->5:30am, 8pm->6am, 9am->6am) available
  • Fare ranges from $13US-$23US each way
  • There's no sleeper seats available, just regular recliners
  • Bus fare includes a meal and seat-back entertainment. Some offer wifi but apparently they don't work very well so don't count on it
  • All buses depart from Aung Mingalar Bus Station in Yangon, which is even farther north from the city than the airport. They arrive at Bagan Shwe Pyi Bus Station, which is located next to the train station, and also very close to the airport
  • Very few foreigners if any take buses, so you will be among locals
  • You can book bus tickets on https://12go.asia or https://myanmarbusticket.com


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