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Updated on Jun 16, 2018 Useful Info

Best way to get around Bali is to rent a scooter + How to rent one

The traffic in Bali is known to be bad, so scooter is the best way to get around. The public transportation is pretty much non existing. Taxi and personal drivers are the only other options for travellers, but scooters will get you around and far, for a fraction of the cost.

  • What kind of bikes: There are electrical ones here but only motobikes and scooters run on gas
  • Where to rent: you see bike stands everywhere on the road, especially near touristic sites. Bring your passport and some cash to leave as deposits
  • Where to get gas: SPBU Pertamina is the state-owned gas stations, you find them everywhere
  • You need an international motorbike riding license, police always stand in the big road waiting to stop and fine tourist.
  • Alternatively - some rental places can get a Police Report to claim that you've lost your international riding license, this would cost you Rp15,000
  • Cost:
  • Daily rental: as low as Rp50,000 ($4USD) /day
  • Monthly: Rp750,000 ($55USD) /month
  • Always make sure you wear a helmet! Police do check and issue fines, they tend to target the foreigners here too. So my local friend told me just to sneak them a bribe around Rp50,000 (but make sure it's not seen, we weren't sneaky enough and he got mad) otherwise it's a Rp250,000 fine