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Should you buy a motorcycle in Bali or Rent one?

Rent a motorcycle in Bali Or buy motorcycle in Bali?

The answer for today is to Rent a motorcycle in Bali and do not buy it. As of today January 2022, there are not so many tourists in Bali. There are many reasons, why the tourists are not coming. Number one is Covid 19, 2nd people from Europe, USA, Candia, Australia and other are still under restriction and people from these countries are hesitating to travel. So we can say less demand and more supply.

If you are a local from Bali or a foreigner living in Bali it is a good time to try your dream bikes. Most rental prices are down to 50 percent. Local people from Bali just want their motorbikes to be rented. As the saying says "something is better than nothing". We, humans, are the smartest species in the world. We always find ways to survive.

The practice is also adopted by the motorcycle rentals in Manila Philippines. Local people who own motorcycles in Manila Philippines are renting out their motorcycles using Book2wheel. Some companies in the Philippines are offering 125cc and 150cc Honda and Yamaha scooters for just 100$ with free service. Now you can rent a motorcycle in the Philippines for low as 3.4 dollars a day. The average taxi ride in the Philippines costs 8 to 12 dollars.

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So renting a motorcycle in the year 2022 is a good option. Renting is not just limited to motorcycles you can also rent a car in Bali or the Philippines. Most car rental companies in Bali or the Philippines have bought cars in installments, if they do not pay installments their cars will be taken back by the bank and they will lose all the payments they have paid in the past. To avoid that car rental companies are smart they are renting out their cars in the Philippines for a minimum amount just so they can pay the bills.

So the Answer to renting a car or buying a car in the Philippines or in Asian counitres is Rent Car

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If you are searching to rent a motorcycle in Bali search in the local language, Rent motorcycle Bali in Basha language is called "Sewa motor Bali"