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Submitted on Feb 09, 2020 Useful Info


You many want to hire a car in Bali and drive. This is not bad as being your own driver gives you flexibility and the ability to live within your own routine. However before driving in Bali there are a few things you should learn.

  • Hiring a driver is recommended this is because it is very cheap. Between $10-$20 per day for a driver mostly the car hire services can connect you with a driver. A driver is very useful as they have a better grasp of the roads and traffic hence they do not really rely on satellite navigation. In areas where you cannot get service, a driver comes in handy.
  • In Bali, cars are on the left side of the rod. Most cars are right hand cars. This is similar to the british traffic system. If you are not quite familiar with this system, it can be quite challenging. Cars overtake on the right side of the road.
  • While in Bali, you will need a special driver's license. You could opt for applying for an international driver's license before the trip. This is recommended as you will start driving as soon as you arrive in Bali.
  • If note, you could apply for a temporary driver's license in Bali at the police station in Denspar. This license will only be useful for a specific period of time while in the country. It can also be hectic to get this temporary driver's license.
  • You have to be careful while in Bali as some drivers can merge in and out of the lanes hoping that you see them. Here your visibility is your responsibility. Be keen about how other drivers are operating and do not get in unnecessary arguments with drivers on the road.
  • Here drivers don't just honk because they are happy. They may do this just to warn you that they are overtaking or approaching you. You should not react to any honk.