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Submitted on Sep 13, 2018 Useful Info

How to get around Banff National Park

  • When I went to the Rockies earlier this year I drove. I rented a car from Calgary when i landed and it was around $45 per day
  • If you're going for non-ski stuff, I highly recommend getting a car. Banff is packed with lots of lakes, trails, and other places that are not served by any bus or shuttle, and taxi or Uber is not really an option because the distance between things are huge
  • With a car, you can easily drive north to Jasper National Park, which is immediately north of Banff and check it out on the same trip
  • Alternatively, there's a hop on hop off bus for the most touristy southern bit of area between the town of Banff and Lake Louise (45 min north of the town of Banff), if that's all you want to check out. The website of the bus is
  • It serves Banff, Johnston Canyon, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake
  • Price is $55 per day
  • For skiing, I think you don't necessarily need a car. All the major ski resorts there have shuttle buses that can meet you in Calgary or Banff