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Tips for what to wear in Bangkok (for men)

Overall, the dress code in Bangkok is very casual. You'll be fine wearing pretty much anything as long as you're not nude/topless. That being said, here are some specific tips for men for what to wear in Bangkok:

  • Outfit for general sightseeing: Dress for the hot weather
  • Walking around the city can be very casual as long as you're not topless. It's totally fine to wear tank tops, flip flops, very short shorts and skirt, etc.
  • You can basically wear whatever you want, and the main thing is to dress for the weather and comfortable walking shoes
  • Bangkok is pretty hot throughout the year. Day time temperature is in the low- to mid-30 Celsius (high 80s and low 90s Fahrenheit) any month of the yearUser submitted photo of Bangkok
  • So make sure you bring shorts and t shirts made out of breathable materials like cotton and linen

  • Outfit for going to palaces and temples: Cover yourself up
  • Temples like Wat Arun and palaces like the Grand Palace do require you to cover up your shoulders, knees, and toes.
  • Additionally, the fabric cannot be see-through and must not have any tears or holes
  • T-shirt, jeans/trousers or knee-length shorts, and sneakers are your safest option for visiting these kind of places
  • The Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and some other major temples will lend you garments for around 20 baht ($0.7USD) to cover yourself with, but not all of them will do this so it's best to bring
  • See this picture for dress code for the Grand Palace in Bangkok. You can use this as the guideline for visiting all religious places in Bangkok (and rest of Thailand)User submitted photo of Bangkok

  • Outfit for the rainy season (May to October): bring a light waterproof jacket for rainy days because there will be lots of that

  • Outfit for going out to nice bars and restaurants: Smart casual
  • Most bars in Bangkok don't really have any dress code so you can wear whatever you want. This includes
  • But the fancy ones including most of the rooftop ones (like the Moon Bar) usually require smart casual:
  • No shorts. You need to wear jeans or dress pants
  • No tank tops. Collared shirts is the way to go but you can get away with t-shirt as long as they're somewhat classy-looking
  • No flip flops. Wear sneakers or dress shoesUser submitted photo of Bangkok
  • Of course, you can dress up as much as you want. If you want to dress to impress with jacket and tie, go for it
  • Usually you won't be allowed into the bar if you don't comply with the dress code. Some bars will lend you garments, but be warned that these are usually not in your size and will make you look like a complete dork

  • Outfit for Songkran: Prepare to get soaked
  • Songkran is the annual water festival that takes place in April during Thai New Year
  • Participating in the festival means getting into street water fights, so be prepared to get completely soaked
  • Wear flip flops/sandals, swim trunks, and tank tops. Topless is fine (for men) but still not too common so my recommendation is to avoid itUser submitted photo of Bangkok