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Updated on Sep 19, 2018 Useful Info

Where to go for the best view point in Bangkok

  • One of the best things to do in Bangkok is to go up and up and check out the amazing views of the city from above. Like this:

User submitted photo of Bangkok

  • One of my absolute favourite place to get an unrivalled view in Bangkok is at the Moon Bar on top of the Banyan Tree Bangkok hotel
  • How to get there:
  • Go to the lobby of Banyan Tree hotel, located here
  • Go to the hotel from the Sathon Tai road
  • The hotel building is not the one on the road, it's the one behind it. You need to go through the office building on the road first in order to get to the hotel, like this:User submitted photo of Bangkok
  • Once you're at the lobby, take the elevator up to the 59th floor (or, just ask the attendant about going to the Moon Bar)
  • Dress code:
  • Don't wear shorts, tank tops, and flip flops
  • We made the mistake of wearing shorts when we went a few weeks ago; they wouldn't let us in like that and they ended up giving us these size 40 black dress pants to wear (which did not fit us and looked horrible)
  • Jeans, t-shirt are fine
  • Prices:
  • Cocktail and beers are around $15USD
  • I had a glass of scotch which came out to $35USD
  • They take credit card so you don't need to carry cash
  • What to do there:
  • You can just hang around the bar area and take your time with your drink while taking the view in
  • Any tables at the bar area you can just take if they're empty, I don't believe they're reserved. When we went we just took a table after the group left and no one told us to get out
  • You can also have dinner there (at the Vertigo Grill restaurant, which is connect to the Moon Bar), but it's incredibly expensive
  • Obviously take lots of photos

Some videos and photos from my trip:

Looking west

User submitted photo of Bangkok

Looking northUser submitted photo of Bangkok

Looking at the Moon Bar from the Vertigo Grill (restaurant) area

User submitted photo of Bangkok

In the evening