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All You Need to Know About Getting Around in Barbados

To explore the rich culture of Barbados, you'll need to get around. Luckily, there are quite a number of options for you as outlined below.

1. Hired Car - The Best Way to Get Around Barbados

  • I advice you to rent one instead of taking a taxi.
  • Always keep left!

Roads in Barbados

  • Are relatively in a better shape than in most Caribbean countries.
  • Be prepared to handle winding twists, turns and narrow lanes.
  • Traffic can be frustrating during rush hour.

Driving Permit in Barbados

  • Get a temporary permit from your travel agency.
  • I recommend buying a 2-month permit from your agency.
  • This permit costs around 10 Barbadian dollars or USD 5.

Car Insurance

  • Acquiring a car insurance in Barbados is easy!
  • Customer service is top notch, there's fast processing and documentation and easy payment plans.

Available Rental Cars

  • Compact cars.
  • Mokes
  • Air-conditioned vans.
  • Spacious jeeps.

Rental Car Companies in Barbados

  • Coconut Rental Cars
  • Venture Rental Cars Inc.
  • Drive-A-Matic
  • Courtesy Rent-A-Car
  • Direct Car Rentals
  • Corbin's Car Rentals
  • Executive Car Rentals

2. Bikes

  • If you want to take in the beauty of Barbados, you can bike off-road!
  • Bikes in Barbados are always insured to protect you and bike rental companies.
  • Renting a bike or a scooter in Barbados costs around USD 40.
  • A small deposit is required by the lender. It is returned only when the bike/scooter is returned in its original state.

3. Rental Bicycles

  • Cycling can be a good option if you wish to exercise as you enjoy the Barbadian beauty.
  • It will cost you only about USD 20.

4. Buses

There are 3 types of buses in Barbados:

1. Minibus

  • Are predominantly yellow in color with blue striped on the side.

2. Transport Board Bus

  • Are run by the government.
  • Predominantly large blue buses with yellow stripes on the sides.

3. ZR Bus

  • This is identified with a circular red and white sign with "To city" and " Out of city" marked in black letters.

Bus fares cost only USD 2 thus the cheapest option.