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Submitted on Apr 14, 2018 Useful Info

Best way to go from Shanghai to Beijing is by High Speed Rail

At a glance

  • HSR is frequent and reliable, only operates during day
  • Cost CNY 553, takes 4.5 hours
  • Get ticket from
  • Take subway to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway station for departure


You can get to Beijing from Shanghai by flight, overnight train, or High Speed Rail. Considering the time it takes to get through the airport security and the distance from city center, the best way to travel between these cities is by probably HSR.


  • There are pretty frequent departures during the day between 630am and 7pm
  • The journey takes about 4 and half hours. I use to check the schedules.

Departure and arrival stations

  • Departure station is Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
  • Hongqiao Station is best accessed by the metro line 2 (the green line). Get off at the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station stop. There are English station labels and announcements.
  • The cost of the metro depends on distance but is typically under 5 CNY (~USD$1)
  • You’ll arrive at Beijing South Railway station. From there you can take the subway line 4 to anywhere in the city


  • I paid CNY 553 for a second class seat. First class seat looks just like a slightly bigger version of the second class seat, I don’t think it’s worth it.

How to buy tickets

  • You can buy tickets at the train station when you get there, or get it online. Either way you need your passport
  • Make sure you get the train numbers starting with G, these indicate high speed rail
  • I used to buy the tickets, and had the ticket delivered to me
  • If you want to buy at the station, the line up can get pretty crazy. It’s best to keep a tight distance between you and the person in front of you, otherwise people might cut in front of you