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How and where to rent a scooter/motorcycle in Bohol, Philippines

  • Bohol is a great place to explore on two wheels. It's about 280km to go around the island, so it's not extremely large, but many points of interest — like Mag-Aso Falls, Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Conservation Area — are all quite a distance outside of the main town so it's a big hassle to use public transportation to get to them and expensive to use taxi
  • Chances are you'll get to the island by flight or ferry, both of which land you in Tagbilaran City, which is the main city on the island. This is the city where all the rental agencies are located in, and they cater to all riders from novice to advanced
  • There's only a handful of highly rated ones. Listed at the very bottom are the 5 top highly rated rental shops based on Tripadvisor and Google reviews by tourists, based on all the research I did for my trip. Personally I went with Mike's

  • Some points to keep in mind before you decide to rent a bike in Bohol:
  • Minimum rental age is 18 years old
  • License requirement: you need either a motorcycle license or driver's license (for your car), plus an International Driving Permit (IDP), to rent a scooter or motorcycle in the Philippines.
  • If you don't have a motorcycle license, not a big deal, your regular driver's license (for your car) is sufficient
  • IDP is extremely easy to get; just pay some money and you can get it in 10 minutes in the Australia or US from your local AAA branch (CAA in Canada; check IDP's official website for other countries' issuing organization) . However, most rental shops don't even ask you for the IDP. Just your driver's license by itself is enough for most local rental shops
  • Insurance coverage: If you don't have a motorcycle license plus an IDP, you won't be able to get insurance coverage. This means that if you get into an accident, you're completely on the hook for your own medical bills as well as any property damage and liabilities (not to mention the local police will try to milk as much as they can out of you). A car driver's license will not get you insurance — only motorcycle license can. I've read the story of a guy who got into a serious accident on Bohol and had to get airlifted out Bohol that costed him $40,000USD out-of-pocket. Of course this is extreme scenario; most tourists ride in Bohol without any issues, or just get some scratches and maybe a broken bone or two (be prepared to spend $500-$1000USD if you get into an accident). Bottom line is, if you don't have motorcycle license, you need to be extremely careful when riding in Bohol and know the risks you're taking on
  • Passport: most rental shops will ask to hold your passport for the duration of the rental. While this is completely normal, my recommendation is to give them your driver's license instead. Many of them won't take your license in lieu of passport, but it's worth trying since a lot of them are fine with it. Some shops are also fine with coloured photocopy of your passport (but this is rare), so it's also worth trying this method too. You should do everything you can to avoid giving your passport

  • Prices varies depending on the motorcycle and the length of your rental, but here's a general guideline:
  • 400-550 PHP ($7.75-$10.6USD) per day for a small 110-125cc Honda or Yamaha
  • 700-800 PHP ($13.5-$15.4USD) per day for 150cc Honda or Yamaha
  • 1400-4000 PHP ($27-$76 USD) per day for 250-650cc Kawasaki
  • If you rent longer than 7 days, you can usually get 10-20% discount off the daily rate. If you get longer than 30 days, you can usually get 50% discount.

  • List of scooter/motorcycle rental agencies in Bohol:
  1. Mike's Bohol Island Motorcycle Rentals (Tripadvisor, website, location): this is the one I used, among the most reputable one in Bohol and have been around for many years. Their current Tripadvisor rating is 4.5/5 and Google reviews rating is 5/5
  2. Hey Joe Bohol Motorcycle Rentals: Tripadvisor (rated 5/5), website, location
  3. Island Rentals: Tripadvisor (rated 4.9/5), website, location
  4. Calcaben Motorbike Rental: website, location
  5. Gomez Motorcycle and Car Rental: Google reviews (rated 5/5), website, location