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5 top tourist attractions in Bolivia

  • Bolivia is one of the most remote countries on earth and it remains untouched by the passage of time.
  • It has the highest population of indigenous people than any country in the Americas.
  • The following attractions offer a once- in - a - lifetime experience.


  • This is one of the most important precursors to the Inca Empire.
  • Tiahuanaco represents the greatest megalithic architectural achievement of pre- Inca South America.

Salar de Uyuni

  • It's one of the flattest places on earth covering 4000- square- miles of salt flats formed by a prehistoric lake.
  • I'd recommend visiting this site during the rainy season as water overlying the cemented bricks of salt reflects a spectacular view of the sky.

Lake Titicaca

  • It's the largest lake in South America and is found at the border of Bolivia and Peru.
  • Near the South- Eastern shore of the lake lies Tiwanaku.


  • It is called the city of four names; Charcas, La Plata and Chuquisaca.
  • It was founded in 1500 and offers a glimpse of the life of aristocratic Spain in the 16th century.


  • Each year before Ash Wednesday, the city Carnaval del Oruro which is one of the most folkloristic and cultural events in South America.
  • It's considered to retain most of the artistic expression coming from pre- Colombian America.