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Submitted on Feb 16, 2020 Useful Info

Visa requirements in Botswana.

Just like many tourist destinations, you need to be aware of the visa required for the country before you go visiting. The application process for the Botswana Visa is not straightforward so you need to be aware of the stipulations.

General requirements.

A Botswana tourist visa is valid for 90 days. Most countries in the European union and the commonwealth do not require a visa to visit this country unless directed otherwise by the embassy. It is illegal to overstay your visa and if you are caught by the authorities you will be fined and deported out of the country. If there is no Botsawan embassy, you could obtain the visa at the British high commission.

The requirement for the application include:

  • A completely filled Visa application form.
  • Letter of invitation or reason for travel.
  • Two passport sized photos.
  • The visa fee that is stipulated by the country.
  • A valid passport from the country of residence.
  • Return air ticket.
  • If you are viaiting for business purposes, you will require documents that support that you are visiting for legitimate business purposes.

The government has also required that any children that are flying into or through Botswana need to have the necessary visa. Also the child should also carry the valid bith cirtificate for that child and if thay are travelling with one parent the other parent must write an affidavit to confirm the travel. This is paramount to reduce the cases of child trafficking.

For visa extension, you are required by the government to have the following documents:

i) An application letter with valid reasons for such request.

ii) A set of recent coloured passport size photos.(not

computer photos)

iii) Photocopies of the applicant’s passport with full

particulars (certified).

- with movement Record (stamps)

iv) A letter from the host accompanied by; if the host is a

citizens a copy of ID, if non-citizen a copy of a valid Residence

Permit of Exemption Certificate (certified).

  • v) A fee of P100.