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How to cross the border from Argentina to Brazil.

Documents to travel with include:

  • DNI digital. I highly recommend this as it is suitable for travel to Mercosur countries and the Associated States.
  • The valid national ID of your country of origin, a digital passbook and a passport.
  • Not really valid: handwritten DNI( green cover, embroidered and a blue notepad)
  • A valid passport.

Border requirements

For entry to Brazil, one needs the following.

  • A valid transport document
  • The flight Number in case you entered by the airport.

For the departure, you need the following

  • A valid transport document.
  • Boarding pass, in case of leaving by the airport.

The procedures to leave the country with children under the age of 18 include;

  • When traveling with both parents, it will be necessary for them to prove their link. This is possible through the use of a family birth certificate, or through the child's birth certificate in which details of the parents are mentioned.
  • If traveling with one parent, the details of the parent must be availed and authorization from the absent parent.
  • If the child travels alone, they must provide valid documentation of the link between them and the parents, and authorization to travel alone consented by both parents.
  • If you are a child of minors, you will need the authorization from both parents and one from either of the grandparents.
  • NOTE: All these documents must be presented in their original forms or copies that are certified or duly legalized.