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How to get to Gramado from Sao Paulo

  • Gramado is a small town in the Rio Grande do Sul state in southern Brazil. It's an upcoming tourist destination and is particularly famous for hosting the Gramado Festival, one of the largest South American film festivals.
  • You have to fly to get to Gramado from Sao Paulo. There is no airport in Gramado, you have to fly to Caxias or Porto Alegre then connect by bus to Gramado.
  • I went in through Caxias (Hugo Canyergiani airport), it's cheaper and closer to Gramado compared to Porto Alegre. (Caxias is a collecting airport to Congonhas airport in Sao Paulo so that makes flights to Caxias cheaper compared to those of Porto Alegre ).

How to Get From Caxias to Gramado

  • Gramado and Caxias are about 60 kilometers apart, it takes approximately one and a quarter hours to get to Gramado from Caxias.
  • From the airport head to town and board citral buses to Gramado. There's a bus to Gramado approximately every 3 hours.
  • Citral buses cost $8
  • Alternatively, you could take a taxi from the airport to Gramado though taxis almost 10 times the bus price.