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How to get to Ouro Preto in Brazil, Cheapest way to get there

  • Ouro Preto is a Brazilian town in the state of Minas Gerais, it's known for its baroque Portuguese architecture and is a named UNESCO world heritage site.

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How to Get to Ouro Preto

  • There's no airport in Ouro Preto, the nearest airport is in Belo Horizonte, from Belo Horizonte you'll have to connect to Ouro Preto by road.

Budget transport from Belo Horizonte

This worked pretty well for me:

  • Avoid taking a taxi from Confins airport to Ouro Preto, that will cost anywhere between R$500 to R$700.
  • I took a Unir express bus from the airport to the central bus station in Belo Horizonte, cost R$10. They have a bus leaving for the central station about every 20 minutes.
  • From the central station, there are pretty much quite a number of buses heading to Ouro Preto.
  • Recommendation: Check out Passaroverde buses from Belo Horizonte to Ouro Preto, they charge R$35 and their buses are generally ok.
  • You won't get dropped off around the central square in Ouro Preto, buses drop you at the edge of the town and you'll have to catch a taxi or bus( cost R$3) to the city plaza.