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How to take the Curtiba-Paranagua train in Brazil

  • The Curitiba- Paranagua train ( connecting the two coastal trains in the state of Parana)is one of the most iconic train rides I've had in Brazil. It cuts across the Serra de Mar mountain range and the Sao Jao iron bridge with the mountain and ocean landscapes creating a beautiful contrast


  • The train's website is fully functional, and all details about timetables, fare and any updates are available.
  • The is commercially known as the Serra Verde Express.
  • For now, the website is in Portuguese only, you can get help from a friend or attendants at the place you'll be staying to help with booking.
  • The train has 4 classes
  1. Economico
  2. Turistico
  3. Executive
  4. Litorina de luxury
  • All info pertaining to these classes is available on the website.