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How and where to Buy SIM cards in Brunei

  • There are 2 telecommunication service providers in Brunei: DST and progesif. DST is the market leader and has the best coverage.
  • You can purchase both SIM cards at any operator store. You have to pay an annual SIM card license fee of B$25 to the government. You can avoid paying the fee by getting a tourist SIM card. I got one from DST (Easi tourist SIM card). It cost me B$15, comes with B$5 worth of credit and is free of the license fee.
  • Data cost on Easi tourist SIM card: B$ 0.20 per MB

Where to buy SIM cards

  • I got mine at Brunei international airport. There's a SIM card store on the ground floor of the airport mall. I think the store is open every day from morning to 5 p.m
  • Outside the airport, you can use branch locators to find stores for both DST and progesif.

DST branch locator

Progesif branch locator

Requirements for SIM card purchasing

  • You need to have your passport ( original copy) with you before you can purchase a SIM card.
  • Get your SIM card registered. I bought one that didn't get registered, it got shut down after a week and had to buy a new SIM card.

Progesif Tourist Plans

  • All progesif SIM cards are free but need an initial top-up.
  • Progesif has better tourist plans that DST's Easi tourist but coverage is only good in Bandar Seri Begawan and other major towns in Brunei.
  • Some of Progesif's tourist plans include
  • B$ 10 - 1GB data, 10 international minutes and 10 international SMS, unlimited domestic minutes and SMS
  • B$25 - unlimited data, 10 international minutes, 10 international SMS, unlimited domestic minutes and SMS.
  • Both plans are valid for a month.