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Ramadhan etiquette in Brunei

Important info about Ramadhan in Brunei:

  • Both Muslims and non-Muslims are not allowed to eat in public during Ramadhan. If youre caught eating in public, this can attract a fine of $2000 or a one-year prison sentence.
  • Most restaurants are not open up to around 2 p.m till late morning. For non-Muslims, pack snacks when youre out since most restaurants are closed. However, be discrete when taking meals in public.
  • Tourist attractions visiting time- During Ramadhan most attractions are open from morning to around 2 p.m

Best time for food tours

  • Ramadhan is the best time to do food tours in the evening after breaking of the fast ( Iftar). Ramadhan food stalls are set in many places, and they offer a variety of foods at a discounted price.