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Submitted on Jul 13, 2019 Useful Info

How to renew your Tourist License in Argentina

  • If your 90 day tourist visa is running out, then the best option is to deal with the Direccion Nacional De Migraciones.


  1. Valid passport
  2. Renewal tax (600 pesos)
  3. A certified copy of your passport containing your photo.
  • You'll then need to go to the Direccion Nacional De Migraciones offices and queue. ( if there's a line that's)
  • You'll need to explain that you want a Visa extension to the attendant who'll then direct you to Building 6 after checking your passport and giving you a number with a letter.
  • Once here, wait until your number is called.
  • Don't tire to explain you need a Visa extension.
  • You'll be given a receipt after you hand over your passport and a copy of it.
  • Take the receipt to a window( you'll be directed ) and pay your 600 pesos.

NOTE: pay using CASH ONLY.

  • You'll then be given a receipt which you'll be required to return to your attendant.
  • Your Visa renewal is in the process and you are required to wait until called by your attendant.
  • He/She will hand over the passport back to you and the process is complete.