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Submitted on Mar 22, 2020 Useful Info

How to take taxis in Buenos Aires

  • Taking a taxi in Buenos Aires is as easy as taking a taxi in any other city.
  • Official taxis are painted black and yellow and they always have a sticker on the front door with the license code of the taxi.
  • I highly recommend taking radio taxis rather than standard taxis since you can easily trace these taxis in case something happens or you lose an item. Radio taxis have a rooftop sign indicating that they are radio taxis.
  • Another reason you should take radio taxis is that radio taxis are metered and in most cases the meters are functional.

How to hail a radio taxi

  • You can either call or flag the taxi down with your hand
  • In Buenos Aires, you describe your pick up location or drop off point using the street name and number as opposed to names of buildings.

Taxi rates and Payment.

  • For regular taxis and radio taxis, you have to pay in cash.
  • Uber and Cabify offer credit card payment options.
  • Currently Uber is still illegal in Argentina, though I recommend taking Uber if available because it's cheaper but don't take Uber from the airport ( Ezeiza) because Uber is not allowed to park right outside the terminals so you'll have to walk for some distance to catch the cab.
  • Cabify is however legal in Argentina.
  • Standard taxi rates in Buenos Aires start at $0.78 then $0.07 per 200 meters though rates increase by 20% past 10.00 pm.