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Submitted on Mar 31, 2019 Useful Info

How to avoid Cairo traffic.

First, if you want to avoid traffic here ditch the bus and taxis and move to this!

Nile travel

  • Take advantage of the river, it runs across the city and is traffic less, here are ways to travel using the river.
  • Fellucas, a felluca is a sailboat ride, you ride solo.
  • There's also a river bus on the Nile, each river bus heads to a specific destination so be sure to board the right river bus.
  • The Nile taxi, they fill up more quickly than the river buses and are less expensive than felluca.

User submitted photo of Cairo

User submitted photo of Cairo

The metro

  • It's the fastest way to get around, however, the train stations are usually very overcrowded at peak hours.


  • They're mostly found in downtown Cairo and Giza, most people use them for sightseeing but it's still ok to move around with one.