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How To Get To Giza Pyramid From Cairo

User submitted photo of CairoThe Pyramid of Giza is one of the most known tourist attractions in the world. It is the proof of an ancient world and civilization. It is made up of 2.3 million giant limestone blocks put together perfectly.

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From Downtown Cairo, The Pyramid of Giza is 18 kilometers away and it takes about 25-30 minutes to get there but might take longer depending on the present traffic condition. There are three ways of transportation.

  1. Through a PRIVATE TAXI

This is the easiest and the most comfortable way to get to the Pyramid of Giza. The route of the taxi is direct and you will surely undergo through less hassle. The fare of the taxis are about 30 LE (Egyptian Pounds).

There are three type of taxis in Cairo.

  • Black Taxi - This is the oldest models of taxi. It does not have a meter and is not air conditioned.
  • Yellow Taxi - It is professionally run. The interior is modernized. You can book this type of taxi.
  • White Taxi - A rather modernized version of black taxis that comes with a meter and air conditioning system.


To catch a Public Bus which operates from the Airport or Heliopolis, you can catch it in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square. If you want to ride a crowded Micro Bus, you can catch it in the central bus station. For Big Buses, the fare is round 2.00 LE and for the micro buses, the fare is 50 pt. (Half of 1.00 LE)

3. Through CAIRO METRO

This is a good way to commute around Cairo since it covers most of the place's tourist attractions although its is crowded and slow. It is only crowded during peak hours which is the same for the taxis and buses. The fare is cheaper than the buses and taxis which is only 1.00 LE for one trip no matter what the distance of your destination is. I suggest you take METRO LINE 2 from the Cairo Center to El-Giza Metro Station which is 10 kilometers ways from the Giza Pyramids Complex.

There are four Metro Stations in Downtown Cairo. One in

  • Attaba
  • Md. Naguib
  • Sadat
  • Naseer

To locate where the Metro Station is, always look for a big sign with "M" inside a big circle. It operates from 6 AM in the morning to 12 AM midnight.