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Submitted on Dec 28, 2018 Useful Info

How to save money in Cairo

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and once you arrive in Cairo(Cairo International Airport), there are several transport options available for you.

  1. Railway system.
  2. Taxis
  3. Tour buses.
  4. Car Hire.


  • Cairo and Egypt in general boasts of a good transport system that tourists can use to get around.
  • The trains offer different offers from first class to third class.
  • However, it is highly recommended that you choose between first and second class as conditions after that change drastically.
  • One can get train tickets at the railway station for about EGP50. During festive season the trains may be fully booked and so it is advisable to book via a travel agency,


  • Another transport option while in Cairo is by use of taxi.
  • Taxi can be hailed from the airport or any part of town.
  • Ensure you choose a taxi that is well labelled taxi as some shifty taxis may charge a lot more.
  • For a travel from the airport to the city center, one may be required to pay about EGP80 or approximately 5 USD.


  • When travelling as a group, a tour bus is the most convenient way to get around the city as it is generally cheaper than having individual taxis.
  • A tour bus for a whole day can range from EGP200-300.
  • Authentic tour buses can be booked via travel agencies and should be booked before travel.
  • Do not hope into any tour bus as you may be overcharged.


  • Finally one can decide to hire a car.
  • Although this is the most expensive way to get round the city, it is incidentally the safest means.
  • A car hire for a day can cost between EGP500-800.
  • Cars can be hired via travel agencies or authentic websites.

While in Cairo do not be tempted to give extra cash because of the condition of the state as this would result in inflation and unnecessary pressure on other tourists.

However enjoy Cairo, you do not want to miss out on its sizzling offers.