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What to wear in Cambodia for travelers (with pictures)

  • In Cambodia, locals are dressed pretty conservatively and like to cover up most of their skins
  • But for tourists, dress code there in pretty lax in general. Many tourists I saw there were wearing tank tops/singlets, short shorts. Girls were wearing camis, mini skirts and dresses everywhere and they didn't get any weird looks from the locals. So normally you can wear whatever you want, but please don't go topless unless you're on a beach:User submitted photo of Cambodia
  • It's important to dress for the hot weather. Remember, Cambodia is a tropical country and is pretty hot all year round. Tkae Phnom Penh for example, its day-time temperature ranging from 30-35C (86-95F) all year round (Siem Reap is not that different). So generally wear something light and breathable so stay comfortable. At night though, temperature is very comfortable at 20-25C (68-77F). Also, July-November is rainy season, so bring a waterproof jacket just in case
  • However, dress code is very strict at temples and palaces, including major attractions like Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and Royal Palace in Phnom Penh (and other formal places like the Genocide Center in Phnom Penh). In these places, for both male and female you're expected to:
  1. Cover you shoulders, chest, back, midriff, and knees. So don't wear tank tops, cut tops, deep V necks, above-knee shorts, mini skirt, etc.
  2. Don't wear things made with see-through materials
  3. Don't wear clothes with holes on them
  4. But there's no requirements for footwear, so you can wear whatever you want for shoes. Flip flops and sandals are totally okUser submitted photo of Cambodia
  • Also, in Angkor Wat in particular, you can't even just wrap a scarf/sarong around yourself and call it a day, and you have to wear proper clothing. So make sure you dress appropriately to avoid potential. Read this for Angkor Wat dress code — you can follow these rules at all temples and palaces in Cambodia. Also, check out this official guide from Angkor Wat:User submitted photo of Cambodia
  • In the cities, if you're going out to upscale bars, restaurants, and other establishment, you're expected to dress accordingly. In these places, I would suggest going with smart casual for both men and nice dress for women. Use your judgment, wear something you would if you were going out to similar places back home. This picture is from a posh area called Bassac Lane in Phnom Penh:User submitted photo of Cambodia