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Submitted on Dec 30, 2018 Useful Info


It is easy to overstay your visa and here are a few things you need to know incase you do that in Canada.

  • Canada does not impose bans on overstayed Visas.
  • However once immigration catches up to you, you may be deported and may fail to get another visa to visit the country again.
  • Your overstaying though rarely can affect your family members when obtaining a visa into Canada too.
  • In case you are in Canada and you anticipate your overstay, you should earnestly seek for another Visa.
  • Getting another Visa while in the country is not as hard as getting an initial visa as you have already been vetted.
  • In case you get someone who wants to collaborate your stay in Canada for instance a sponsor or a spouse, it is advisable to get a residential visa in advance before your initial visa expires.

It is not easy to get a visa to Canada, so why throw a golden opportunity like that away?