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Submitted on Apr 18, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get to Cebu from Manila

  • You can get to Cebu from Manila either by flight or by ferry. All things considered, flight is by far the best way to get there in my opinion because it's much faster than ferry and it's not that expensive
  • Flying from Manila to Cebu:
  • Fare: $46 - $65 USD each way
  • Flight time: 1 hours and 10 minutes
  • Total travel time: 3.5 hours
  • Departures: daily
  • Airlines flying this route: Philippines Airlines and Cebu Pacific. They're both very similar in price. Philippines Airlines is slightly better rated
  • Where to buy tickets: I usually just buy direct with Philippines Airlines
  • Getting to and from the airports: in both Manila and Cebu, taxis is the best ways to get to and from the airport. And the best kind of taxi is the Grab app (which took over Uber's business in Southeast Asia and you can download their app for iOS or Android) because the price is basically the same as regular taxi (and cheaper than airport taxi) and you don't get scammed like you do with many regular taxis
  • Ferry fro Manila to Cebu:
  • Operated by 2Go: https://travel.2go.com.ph
  • Travel time: 23 hours (brutal!)
  • Schedule:
  • Every Monday: departure 9am -> arrival 8am next day
  • Every other Wednesday: 12:30pm -> 11:30am next day
  • Every Thursday: 8pm -> 7pm next day
  • Every other Sunday: 10am -> 9am next day
  • Fare: varies by class and by day. Ballpark fare from cheapest to highest:
  • Super Value: 1675 pesos ($33USD). Photos
  • Mega Value: 1750 pesos ($34USD). Photos
  • Tourist Class: 1950 pesos ($38USD). Photos
  • Cabin for 4: 2350 pesos ($45USD). Photos
  • Cabin for 6: 2350 pesos ($45USD). Photos
  • State room for 3: 6470 pesos ($125USD). Photos
  • Regarding which class to buy, I'd recommend getting at least the tourist class or cabin for 4. These classes are basically comparable in comfort level to a typical hostel. The fare is higher but keep in mind that you are also saving 1 night of hotel/hostel by taking the ferry. I do not recommend super value and mega value classes because these are just very basic beds in the deck (not even in a room) that feels like a gymnasium. State room is comparable to a 3-star hotel
  • How to buy ferry tickets: buy directly from 2Go's website
  • Getting to and from the port: in Manila the port is North Harbor Pier 4. In Cebu the port is Cebu Pier 1. Similar to airport, the best way to get and from these ports is by taxi. Again, Grab app is the best form of taxi to use in Philippines due to low transparent price, and low chance of getting scammed