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Rent motorcycle in Cebu-2021 full guide

How much it cost to rent a motorcycle in Cebu city Philippines?

A 125cc scooter rental costs between 350 pesos to 500 pesos which is about 6 to 10 $ in the Cebu City Philippines. In low season you can even find good deals for 250 to 300 pesos a day. If you rent a scooter for a month you can find Yamaha Mio or Honda click for just 6000 pesos a month in Cebu city. Due to Covid-19 price of motorcycle rental in Cebu city has declined. On normal days, Yamaha N max 155cc would cost 700 pesos a day in Cebu city but now you can rent it for 400 pesos a day.

How to find motorcycle rental shops in Cebu City?

You can find all the rental shops and private owners who are renting out their motorcycles using On this website, you will be able to search motorcycles near you, compare prices, read owner reviews and view all their fleet of motorcycles and cars.

User submitted photo of Cebu City

Above the picture, you can see how the book2wheel search looks like. The best part is that you can chat with the owners using the Book2wheel website. Rent scooter from the owner which has a 5-star rating.

Which motorcycle you should rent in Cebu?

Here are the top 3 motorcycles which you should rent in Cebu city Philippines.

User submitted photo of Cebu City Yamaha Nmax 155cc 2021 model

It is one of the best scooters which you can rent in Cebu. It perfect shocking system for bums and wholes on the roads, a wide seat, and good space under the seat and space for your legs. You rent this scooter in Cebu you will enjoy your long ride also it has tires that will provide you good road grip. The rental price starts from 600 pesos and can go up to 1200 pesos depends on the model. 2021 model has a high rental price. The cash price of this scooter is 130,000 pesos.

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Yamaha Aerox 155cc 2021 model Cebu city the Philippines

It has the same engine as Yamaha N max the difference is just the looks. Aerox is more of a racing-style motorcycle. Both scooters are popular amount locals. The handlebar on aerox is much to your chest compare to Yamaha N max. The rental price of Aerox starts from 650 pesos in Cebu. If you want to rent the 2021 model it might cost you 800. The cash price of this scooter in the Philippines is around 130,000 pesos.

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Honda ADV 150cc scooter 2021 model Cebu city the Philippines

Honda ADV 150cc scooter 2021 is a perfect scooter to visit mountains in the Philippines. The scooter is designed to use for on-road and offroad. if you plan to do adventure rides in the Philippines this is the perfect scooter to rent.