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Getting into Chad.


  • For many western countries, the passport is enough to allow you entry into chad.
  • However, before travelling, you should check with the embassy whether this is the case for your country specifically or you require a visa to get in.
  • The only time Chad was very restricting was during the Ebola virus pandemic.
  • During this time, many countries from central Africa and West Africa were being denied access so as to combat the spread.
  • Today however, these restrictions have been lifted.
  • For those who require visas, a single entry visa that is valid for one month costs USD 155.
  • Multiple-entry visas that are valid for three months cost USD 205 or USD 255 for one whose validity is six months.

How to get in.


  • There are several airlines that can fly you to Chad.
  • Air France is one and it has a daily flight from Paris to N'Djamena, you could seek to fly to Paris and then connect to Chad.
  • Ethiopian airlines also has a flight to chad from its hub which is Addis Ababa. Because this is an international airline, you could use is as you would not have to change airlines to get there.
  • Finally, since 2013, Turkish airline started a a route from Istanbul to N'Djamena. This is also another option especially if you are travelling from the East.


  • There re several border crossings into the country and most notably is via Kousseri near N'Djamena and near the towns of Bongot and Lere.
  • If this is your preferred choice of travel. be sure to drive defensively as there are bandits on the road sometimes.
  • Do not stop for any reason or anyone unless you really have to.
  • Also, it is not advisable to travel at night most especially when alone.