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Updated on Jun 25, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to Chaka Salt Lake

From Xining to Chaka Town (茶卡镇)


  • Daily bus from Xining Xinninglu Bus Station (西宁新宁路汽车站) directly to Chaka Town
  • Cost: 60rmb
  • Length: 5hr
  • Frequency: once a day at noon 12:00
  • Bus from Xining Xinninglu Bus Station (西宁新宁路汽车站) to Wulan County, passing Chaka Town
  • Cost: 70rmb
  • Length: 6hr
  • Frequency: 4-5 per day
  • after you get off at the Caka bus stop, take a taxi to the Salt Lake as there is no public transportation. 20-30rmb, 10min ride

Tourist train Y961/Y962

  • Only running during peak season normally from June-August. Check on's train section to see if it's running with the exact dates you want
  • Y961 (Xining - Chaka): Departs at 08:25am and arrives at 12:23pm (4hours)
  • Y962 (Chaka - Xining): The return train leaves at 16:30 and arrives in Xining at 20:43
  • Cost:
  • Seats: 62.5rmb
  • Sleeping bed: Top bunk 110.5rmb, middle bunk 114.5rmb, bottom bunk 117.5rmb

Charter/Hire a car

  • Cost: about 600rmb/day with a driver - it normally takes 2 days, 1 day is doable but will be very very rushed
  • Try pooling with people to reduce cost, normally a car (mini van) can fit 8ppl/car
  • Driving from Xining to Chaka should be 4hr on the raod


  • The road is pretty dangerous, I dont suggest you to drive


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