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Why you should visit Chania, Crete

Why you should visit Chania

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Chania is one of Crete's most beautiful cities. It's located on the northern coast of Crete, and it's home to a fascinating old town.

Chania is also the capital of the region with the same name. The Chania region in Crete is home to over 35 stunning beaches, such as Balos, Elafonisi and Falasarna, three of the most famous shores on the island.

The local gastronomy on Crete shines for its tasty character. Considered on the of the healthiest diets in the world, the Cretan diet is based on seasonal fresh products and top quality extra virgin olive oil.

The best place in town to experience the authentic flavors of Chania is the Municipal Market (or Agora). Inside this impressive building, you'll be able to taste local honey, cheese, and experience the variety of local herbs and spices.

The city underwent centuries of foreign occupation, this can be seen in the eclectic architecture of the old town. Once in Chania, make sure to visit the mosques and minarets from the Turkish period, Venetian palaces and a stunning Egyptian lighthouse 21 meters tall.