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Submitted on Jul 22, 2019 Useful Info


  • Chefchaouen is pretty enough, very chill but remote.
  • It's good for a relaxing short stay but as a destination in itself not much to see.
  • The medina is small and easily seen in 30 minutes.
  • Mainly good photograph opportunities only.
  • Trekking is possible but if you come from NZ or Swiss it's not worth it. Better further south in the Atlas mountains.
  • July is unbearably hot, stick to the tourist season of September to April.
  • Restaurant Brassour away from the medina has reasonable prices food at 55DH for lunch including two juices and 2 entrees.
  • Seriously not worth the 4 hours there and 4 hours back from Fes as a day trip. Unless you are an instagrammer and just must add this.