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Sichuan Hiking & Trekking: Best Mountain Climbing Routes in Sichuan

How many outdoor routes are there in Sichuan? Here I list the best hiking and trekking routes across Hengduan Mountains in Sichuan. China Adventure Club offers several and customized outdoor routes such as Sichuan hiking and biking adventures.

Today, the vast Hengduan Mountains and "the most extreme scenery gathering place in China" have gradually revealed their mystery, and western Sichuan, which covers more than half of the 2,000-kilometer "Hengduantian Road", is still teasing friends across the country. nerve.

The Hengduan Mountains are divided by the "seven veins and six rivers". The main areas in Sichuan are the Shaluli, Daxue, Qionglai, and Minshan Mountains, plus the Longmen Mountains and Erlong Mountains branches, forming several “landscape avenues” in Sichuan. "Every one is the envy of out-of-town mountain friends.

Among the "seven veins and six rivers" in Hengduan, the central Shaluli Mountains have the most diverse landscapes. It stretches across 11 counties in Ganzi Prefecture and Liangshan Prefecture in Sichuan to Shangri-La County, Yunnan. Alpine grasslands, dry-hot valleys, rolling snow-capped mountains and hot spring valleys gather here. There are countless snow mountain climbing and hiking routes.

Queer Mountain Climbing-the northern part of the Shaluli Mountains, stands the most popular 6000-meter-level mountain in the country-Queer Mountain (6168 meters above sea level), under the mountain Yulong Lacuo is rippling with blue waves, the glacier on the mountain is magnificent, and the night sky is shining like a star Wonderland, this "mountain that the eagle can't fly" has the best scenery among the domestic peaks of the same level.

The climbing of Que'er Mountain takes about 9 days. Commercial services are relatively complete. There are difficulties such as ice cracks, snow slopes, and ice walls. It is a holy place for high-altitude technical mountain climbing in China.

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Pilgrimage to Cavalor Day-Dagai Township, Xinlong County, south of Queer Mountain, there is the Tibetan sacred mountain Cavalor Day (5,992 meters above sea level). According to legend, it is the god of wealth among the thirteen gods of Bon religion. Wealth is prosperous and happiness is continuous. Compared with other pilgrimage routes, Cavalore trekking is relatively small, but the impression is not inferior. The route is: Gengda Village-4830 Pass-Sister Lake-4800 Pass-Kurong Village, about 45 kilometers, takes 3 days.

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Genie Climbing——His eyes came to the middle part of the Sharuli Mountains. The highest peak of the Sharuli Mountains and the third highest peak in Sichuan — Genie was hidden here. The holy mountain Gnei is the sacred place of Shengle King Kong and the Himalayas. It is 6204 meters above sea level. After the Sichuan-Tibet team visited in 2015, it described it as a "highly difficult professional technical mountain". The broken glacial terrain and the long glacier route make this mountain full of difficulties. There are only 3 successful summit records, including Chinese climbers Ma Yihua, Nimarjia, and Donggua (Deng Mingdong) from the southern slope glacier. the road".

Husta Peak in Gnei Mountain Area-In October 2018, Zhang Qingwei (Savage), Huang Siyuan (Azuo), and Liu Junfu completed the new route of Hutsa Peak (Tibetan name published Zhangsu) in Gnee Mountain, Sichuan. The route is named: Monument.

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Genie Trekking-The entire Genie mountain area is like a blooming lotus. The 8 valleys extending from the core area have their own characteristics, creating a total of 5 Genie trekking routes. Routes include: traditional scenic route (about 40 kilometers, 3 days, if you go to Xiaozha Lake, you need 1~2 more days);

In addition, there are the Gnee-Bomi line, the Gnee C line, the north-south longitudinal crossing line with ice cracks, and the extremely difficult Gnee ring line.

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Hike on the Seven Bam Lakes in Xiangcheng——Xiangcheng County, at the southern end of the Gnie Mountains, has a quiet place that is easily overlooked by mountain friends: the Seven Bam Lakes (also known as the Seven Lakes of Shambhala), in the western Sichuan style valley In the middle, the seven lakes are arranged in a linear ladder. The lowest altitude of Ruicuo is 4350 meters. Snow-capped mountains and colorful forests are reflected in it. Surrounded by famous scenic spots, it is like a forgotten fairyland.

Aden turns to the mountains-leaving the township, mountain friends usually go straight to Aden, Daocheng. This is a hot scenic spot in China, and it is also the location of the Snow Mountain of the Three Lords of Tibetan Buddhism.

Aden has become the "Utopia" that the world yearns for nearly a century ago.

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Derong Sun Valley Crossing——Compared with the lively Aden, the Sun Valley in Derong County is much deserted. But here, the mountains and valleys and forests are as fascinating as Haizi, as well as the unique dry-hot valley landscape.

Route: Xiayong Village-Xin'antun-Sun Meadow-Yongnicuo-Cina Co-Tsering Co-Sun Meadow-Xiayong Village, the mileage is unknown.

So far, the climbing and trekking resources of the Sharuli Mountains have been introduced. What is the excitement of the Daxueshan Mountains on the right?

Where can I book Sichuan hiking and trekking?

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