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Updated on Jun 11, 2018 Useful Info

Chiang Mai is a vegan heaven :)

Apparently Chiang Mai has the second best vegan scene in Asia just after Taiwan. Being a buddhist country with so many western influence from the passing digital nomads, it definitely did not disappoint.

  • Plenty of Restaurants
  • There are plenty of local vegetarian restaurants. I just looked up "Vegetarian" on Google and found some of the most humble eateries. Those are generally religion influenced, very local, and you get full with 30-50baht per meal, that's less than 2 USD!
  • "Vegan" is more of a foreign concept I feel like, you can find plenty of vegan restaurants around old town, in Nimman area. They are generally a bit more pricy, you can pay 100-200baht per dish, still that's like 3-6 USD
  • As we don't do restaurant recommendations here, just look up on
  • If you can and want to cook, there are so many places to find fresh, cheap, organic ingredients
  • Wet Markets: there are many of those around town to find fresh veggies, such as
  1. Morning Market at Chiang Mai Gate, Opens daily 04:30am-12am
  2. Thanin Market, North of Old Town - map. Opens daily 6am-8pm
  3. Farmers Market outside JJ Market - map. Opens every Sunday morning. Here you can find many organic and pesticides free produce. Just make sure you go early in the morning, if you are late many things will be sold out, the left overs won't be fresh anymore
  • Supermarkets: there are multiple chains, lots of organic and pesticides free options, slightly higher than market price but not bad
  • Many coffee shops offer nut milk alternative: soy/coconut/almond