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Updated on Jun 08, 2018 Useful Info

How to do Yee Peng (Yi Peng) lantern festival in Chiang Mai

Timing & Dates:

  • The festival dates vary year by year following the Thai calendar, normally it falls in mid -late Nov.
  • Exact dates are announced a month or so ahead (usually in either September or October) and the dates have been known to vary from the week before/after announcement, so keep an eye out for date changes

There are 2 separate lantern shows

  • Free - Lanna Khatina Ceremony: The official and biggest release
  • Location: inside a medidation center behind Mae Jo University (Google Map: Lanna Dhutanka)
  • Transportation: there's no public transportation, some options:
  • rent a scooter. daily cost ranging from 150-300baht (someone really should write a tip about this) - make sure you remember where you park and what it looks like, make a removable mark as there will be thousands of bikes
  • hire a tuk tuk to take you and wait there: about 600baht (according to research)
  • use a Grab (Thai Uber) - but considering the traffic, this may not be a good option
  • Dress Code to enter: cover shoulders, long pants. preferably white tops
  • DO NOT bring
  • alcohol
  • your own lanterns (sold inside for 100baht / 3USD each)
  • Release time: 6:30PM - But go early by 3pm before it gets packed
  • Paid: the event made just for tourists
  • Location and exact dates are not announced till later, normally happens about a week after the official ceremony
  • Ticket cost: 100+USD, includes a meal, transportation, and 2 lanterns. Tickets can be bought online, will only be issued near the date of the event. Usually they'll send it directly to your hotel
  • Limited seats available

Other Tips:

  • If you hate crowds, you can also occupy a seat on any roof top bar (just book a few days in advance) or find an accommodation with nice balcony to catch the view
  • Lanterns are released all over the city throughout the weekend festival
  • There are also parades, fireworks, food markets going on at the same time in the city
  • It is a religious ceremony not a tourist show