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Overview of supermarkets in Chiang Mai

  • Chiang Mai has a number of supermarket chains. Here's an overview:
  • Rimping: a Japanese chain that sell a lot of organic produce, dairy, and other farm products. Probably the most upscale and expensive chain in Chiang Mai. It also has a very big selection of imported Japanese snacks. Surprisingly I found wine here to be the cheapest here
  • Tops: slightly lower market than Rimping but they also sell everything you'd expect in a western supermarket. Produce, alcohol, packaged grocery items, meat, dairy, household items, etc.
  • Big C: typically smaller than Tops
  • Tesco Lotus: they sell absolutely everything from food to clothes to furniture to electronics. It's basically like Walmart or Target Supercenter. There's only one Tesco in Chiang Mai
  • Tesco Lotus Express: smaller selection of items and comparable in size to Big C
  • Makro: they sell everything here in bulk like Costco, but you don't need membership. They have the best prices on meat, fish, produce and fruit. Their packaged items aren't that much cheaper than elsewhere. They don't have a big selection of imported brands; mostly domestic Thai stuff. Bring your own bag otherwise they will charge you for it
  • How to find them: use Google Maps and just look up their names
  • How to get even cheaper food than supermarkets: go to one of the local markets. These are just a huge covered area with lots of stalls where individual vendors and farmers come and sell their wares. The one I used to go to is the Siri Wattana Market