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Submitted on Jun 07, 2018 Useful Info

Use Mobike (bike rental) to easily get around

  • Mobike is a dockless bike rental service, meaning you can pick them up anywhere and drop them off anywhere
  • Their bikes are orange and black, like this:

  • They're everywhere in Chiang Mai. I've seen a lot of them dotted around the Nimmanhaemin area and old city
  • The cost is 20 baht per hour (~60 cents US per hour)
  • You just need to have the Mobike app, and connect a credit card (I used Visa)
  • The app will show you a real-time map of where all the bikes are located around you. Alternatively, you can just walk around and you'll see these bikes everywhere
  • When you see a bike, just use open your app and scan the QR code on the bike. The bike will automatically unlock in about 15-30 seconds after you scan.
  • You need internet connection on your phone to unlock bikes. So this won't work if you don't have mobile data