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Best hiking spots in Chile

What makes Chile such a superb hiker’s paradise isn’t just its trails in Patagonia.

Outstanding tracks cover all the country, from the far north – across the trilling Atacama Desert – or hidden among the gorgeous wine-grape valleys close to its capital city, Santiago.

W Torres del Paine trek

This is the most popular trek in the country and the hiking you have to do if you visit Patagonia.

If you want to take more benefit from enjoying the magnificent landscapes, take the O circuit that runs through the most hidden part of the Torres del Paine.

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Cochamó Valley Trek

With its granite clifftops and dazzling waterfalls, Cochamó Valley has earned a fame as "the Yosemite of Chile."

To reach it, you'll have to take a 10-kilometer off-country trail. Start this swampy hike from the small town of Cochamó and get ready for a full six-hour day of trekking to reach the remote outpost of La Junta, with campsites as your base for exploring the valley.

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Sierra Baguales hike

This Patagonian treasure is far off any tourist path. No, seriously - there is no trail.

The hikes are accessible only through a private ranch and rewards you with access to some of the least visited mountain ranges in the region.

Plan to spend a whole day here. You can get there from Puerto Natales (2hr drive) by hiring a taxi. Or local minivan. You also can plan your stay overnight in a nearby village or ask people around the ranch.

For a remarkable Patagonian hiking experience without the tourist crowds, Sierra Baguales is unbeatable.

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Dientes Circuit

This 5 day and 53km trail take the hikers through the mountainous and windy Isla Navarino, right on the Arctic circle. It is the most Southern hike in the world.

Along the way, you'll hike through several severe mountain passes and a few spectacular river valleys and the panoramic views of Drake Passage. To get there you need to take a ferry from Punta Arenas (or Ushuaia, Argentina) to Puerto Williams, the southernmost town in the world, to begin your hike. Weather can be extremely harsh, and a professional guide is strongly recommended.

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Valle de la Luna Hike

Usually, the most fun you can get once in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile include long drives into the high-altitude and short hikes once you arrive.

However, Valle de la Luna is a great place to visit not far from the tourist heart of San Pedro. Some stunning day hikes, like the five-kilometer trek that starts at Tres Marias. The trail isn't well marked, so you need to download an offline map or go on a guided tour from San Pedro.

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Villarrica Volcano

It is one of the most active tours that are offered in Pucón. It can be done by day getting up very early to reach the crater of the volcano.

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El Morado Glacier Trek, Santiago

This is a glacier trek and surprisingly it's not in Patagonia, but very close to Santiago.

There are many hiking goals nearby but one of the most satisfying is El Morado. The protected reserve covers over 3000 acres of remote wilderness. It is a nature lover's heaven and very popular amongst hikers, climbers, horseback riders and bird watchers.

The most wonderful hike part takes you over the glacier trail that stretches for 8km. The hike is not hard but remembers it's on a high altitude between 2000-3000m.

The El Morado Glacier trek is an excellent choice if you don’t have enough time to travel to Patagonia.

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Robinson Crusoe island hike

Real-life Robinson Crusoe and author of the famous book, spent more than four years isolated on an uninhabited island off the coast of Chile in the South Pacific.

That island, part of the Juan Fernández Archipelago, is now home to about 800 people who all live in the tiny village called San Juan Bautista. Once on the island, you go for a 13-kilometer hiking route. On the path, you'll notice a unique landscape scenery.

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