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How to access internet on Easter Island, Chile

  • Easter Chile is one of the most off the beaten path island destinations in the world. Internet connectivity is a challenge here. Reliable internet on the island is only found on the island's main town of Hanga Roa. Outside Hanga Roa get ready to be disconnected.
  • Best sim card to use on Easter island: Entel and Movistar. Don't order sim cards online while you're in Chile, they'll ask you to provide a RUT number ( a Chilean tax number ) which you can't have if you're a tourist. You can buy sim cards in Santiago airport or in Hanga Roa Entel shop. They won't ask you for a RUT number if you purchase the sim card personally at shops since they know you are a tourist.
  • Most hotels and cabins have WiFi, though where I was staying wi-Fi is only strong enough in common areas. Internet connectivity inside most rooms was poor.
  • Hotel wifi barely supports streaming or video calls. If you need a stable internet the place to find it is at cyber cafes in Hanga Roa. There are about 4 cybercafes along Hanga Roa's main street Atanu Tekena. Omotohi cyber cafe, the oldest on the street also has another branch just near the Santa Cruz church.
  • There are also four free public Chile Gob wifi hotspots around Hanga Roa.
  • List of all wifi hotspots