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How to get to Chiloe island

  • Chiloe Island, Chile's largest island, is one of the true off the beaten path destinations in Chile. It is located in Southern Chile offshore from the northern Patagonia regions.

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  • Distance of Chiloe from Santiago: approx 1000km.
  • Distance from Puerto Montt( nearest major city): approx 100 km.
  • Transport options from Santiago
  1. Flights
  2. By bus or private car


  • There are not less than four flights every day from Santiago to Puerto Montt. LATAM also has 4 flights to Chiloe from Santiago weekly.
  • Direct flights to Puerto Montt take 1hour 40 minutes direct flights to Chiloe from Santiago take an extra 15 minutes.
  • If you're on a tight budget I would not advise flying since it's quite expensive.

By bus

  • There are several buses from Santiago to Puerto Montt, bus rides take 12 hours costing between $20 to $50. Turbus and Pullman have the most frequent trips along this route.

From Puerto Montt

  • If you connect through Puerto Montt you'll head slightly southeast to a small town called Pargua.
  • At Pargua you cross the canal De Chacao by ferry to Chiloe. Ferry rides take 25 minutes with the most frequent ferry trips being between 6 am to noon. If you go after lunch you'll have to wait for some time.
  • NOTE: Most bus tickets from Puerto Montt to Chiloe usually include the ferry trip so you don't have to alight at Pargua.