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How to save money in Chile

Here are some of my top tips that really helped in cutting costs in Chile

Avoid wine tasting tours.

  • Instead of going for wine tasting tours buy a couple of wine bottles from a wine shop and have your own wine tasting. Most wine tasting tours cost about $100 with each wine tasting costing approx $20. On the other hand wine bottles at local wine shops cost about $20.

Use bikes.

  • Bikes are becoming a common way to get around in Santiago and even in wine vineyards. If you choose to do a wine tour don't book a tour instead rent a bike and use that to hop from one vineyard to the next.

Take airport express buses

  • Airport express buses are a cheaper alternative to taxis since the metro does not run around the airport. In town use the metro, get a bip card to avoid queues.

Buy flight tickets one month in advance

  • Taking the bus is not an option when traveling from north to south Chile, check out LATAM, Jetsmart and sky airline flights for budget flights within Chile.