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Must know Chilean slang

Despite knowing some little bit of Spanish myself, Chilean Spanish threw me off a little bit, and I bet it can to any fluent Spanish speaker. However, I found these were the most common slang, master these you'll be good go if visiting for some few days:

  1. Weon- it can mean hi, good and ok.
  2. Bacan/ la raja/ filete- these words are all associated with cool, awesome or incredible.
  3. Cachai- probably from the English word catch. It means do you get or do you catch?
  4. Carrete- it means party.
  5. Cana- hangover
  6. Luca- this is a word associated with currency. Like 1Luca=1000 Chilean pesos.
  7. Buena onda - Buena is means good. Buena onda is good vibes/ good times.Opposite of buena is mala.
  8. El taco-here el taco doesn't mean food, it's traffic jam.
  9. Tincar- it means to think or to guess.
  10. Pololo and polola - both refer to dating.
  • However despite the slang being different from normal Spanish, the sentence structure was pretty much the same, if you know Spanish you'll get it after sometime.
  • Almost everyone here speaks Spanish, if you don't know Spanish download a translation app when in Chile or get a translator.