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The best beaches in Chile

With spectacular 4,270 kilometers of coastline, it shouldn't be a surprise that Chile has many wonderful beaches.

And on top of that, usually, these beautiful Chilean beaches are settled in fairly attractive towns or villages.

Here is the list of some of the best beaches you must visit in Chile

Bahía Inglesa

This is overall excellent beach spot - ideal if you are into lazy chilling in the sun on the shining white sand, or into the water sports - sailing, surfing, windsurfing or kayaking.

Also as it's located in the North, the summer is longer and warmer than in the South.

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Another all-year-round beach in North is Arica. It is one of the best surf spots with enough facilities to feel welcomed, but not too touristic.

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Viña del Mar

If you like the more exquisite things in life then you need to go to Viña del Mar regardless of whether you want to go to the beach or not.

Shining apartment blocks glimmer in the sunshine and fancy cars march through the streets. Everything is more expensive here than average Chile. The beaches are free though. And, they are wonderful, clean and full of friendly locals who will always be happy to tell you about their amazing town.

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Playa La Virgen

With turquoise-blue water, white sand, this is one of Chile’s greatest beaches. The beach is located seven kilometers south of Puerto Viejo town on the picturesque coastline.

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La Serena

If you want to visit the more popular and touristy beach you need to go to La Serena. When not in the high summer season, the beach town is quiet and relaxed.

There is also a great market, excellent restaurants, and pisco vineyards.

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Playa Chorrillos

The rough coastline of the Atacama region creates a magnificent landscape, granting stunning views over the shore.

It’s difficult to reach, so most likely you will be there by yourself.

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170 kilometers north of the capital city is the town of Zapallar, surrounded by small fishing villages and long stretches of the seashore.

It isn’t the greatest beach for swimming, but the scenery here might just be the best in all of Chile. The sand is brilliantly white and the surrounding shoreline is covered with forested hills.

Many of the neighboring beaches, such as Playa Grande and Aguas Blancas, is good surfing spots

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La Caleta Cóndor Beach

La Caleta beach is located in the Pan de Azucar National Park in the San Pedro de Atacama Desert.

This gem beach is hidden in the native protected reserve of the Huilliche community. And only can be reached by hiking through the lush greenery. Once you are there the white sandy beach and turquoise blue waters is all for yourself.

From there you can also hire a boat that will take you to the nearby island which is the home of hundreds of adorable penguins.

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Reñaca beach town is well known as the spring break destination. It promotes a younger, hipper people that like to spend more time partying, than diving into the water.

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